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Worker Housing, Da Nang, Vietnam

Working alongside Professor Martin Despang and Professor David Rockwood, my team and I designed an Environmentally stable proposal for the Worker Housing Crisis in Da Nang, Vietnam.Beginning with simple sketches, we took our ideas and developed them through Construction Drawings and, with the help of Professor Rockwood, were able to propose this to the Vietnamese Government on his next trip out to Vietnam.

Due to the nature of the site, we felt that two symmetrical corridors connected with green spaces and concrete walkways really took advantage of the linearity of the site. We incorporated the architectural style of surrounding buildings as well as taking precedence from the main central hub East of the site to provide adequate commercial and retail on the ground level, while also providing ADA Units for those with special needs.

This five-story mixed-use building also features common areas between units and provides the residents with walkable spaces to connect with one another, creating a harmonious environment for all.  

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