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Worker Housing | Da Nang, Vietnam

Working along side the Department of Construction, the Department of Socio-Economic Development, & Department of Planning and Investment, we have developed a proposal that meets all the need of our client.

Final Perspective.JPG
Chinatown Intervention | Honolulu, Hawaii

Within the Existing Exterior Boundaries, we have developed a Programme that best uses the ideals of Mixed Spaces; incorporating the restaurant, club, and livable environments, into one architectural system that works cohesively.

Roof Plan.JPG
A'Ala Park Master Plan | Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii

This Master Plan for Downtown Honolulu to redevelop a decrepit State Park filled with vagrants, prostitutes, and homeless people. The city wanted to use this space in association with Kamehameha Schools to create a learning space in the middle of downtown.


The space uses a combination of retail, commercial, educational and low-income housing. There was a proposed Library, Office spaces, Restaurants, two-story Agricultural Learning Center and Gallery, as well as mixed-use low-rise office, retail, and condominiums for low-income families.


University of Hawaii; Faculty Housing | Honolulu, Hawaii

With Faculty Housing for the University of Hawaii: Manoa Campus growing to increasingly stressful conditions, we were approached by the Hui (group) to collectively cone up with a solution to their problem. 

We chose a site near one of the University's Community Colleges that was a rundown lot only used for about a couple dozen parking spaces. With this Master Plan, I designed Three Luxury Condominiums with 42 units to offset the cost of the Six Faculty Housing Condominiums providing 18 units.

East Perspective.JPG
Kitchen Rendering.JPG
Ishikawa ADU Addition | Honolulu, Hawaii

New Construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) for Blake Ishikawa up near DIamond Head in Honolulu, HI. This Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom Unit has nearly 800 square-feet of living space with an additional 450 square-feet of covered lanai, or balcony.  

Coleman Lanai Addition

Redesign of the Front Entry into the Coleman's Residence by creating a new staircase and new covered lanai (balcony) adding roughly 300 more square-feet to their Single Family Dwelling.

This staircase was a feat of Engineering as it required some of the strongest heavy-duty hangers from Simpson Strongtie to provide not only structural loading, but loading for the lateral forces as part of the staircase is cantilevering. 

Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) Intervention

Working with a former partner, Ryan Ching, we developed an Environmentally Stable Three Bedroom, Two Bathroom Native Hawaiian Home for one of the Plots of land the University of Hawaii has been allotted. The entire project was hand-drawn and proposed to the DHHL for approval on their site. 

At Madhat Architecture, we invest our time in innovative architectural practices rethinking what makes a home a home and designing beautiful homely spaces to help you realize your dreams. We understand the huge task at hand – to balance the need for comfort with that of utility and create beautiful spaces where the residents can undertake a variety of activities every day.


We are one of the most reputed and top residential architecture firms across the island of Oahu and have done many prestigious projects with the Department of Hawaiian Home Land (DHHL), the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), and the University of Hawaiʻi: Mānoa in the last few years. As an innovative residential architecture firm, we offer a high design level for your new home or your remodeling project and make sure that our approach is customized to meet your goals. 


We comprise of some very talented, experienced, licensed architects, designers, and construction professionals who have contributed to some of the most highly acclaimed projects over the years and make us one of the top residential architecture firms in the area. As a reputed residential architecture firm, we are committed to on-budget and on-schedule designs which we promise our clients.

When you are researching and narrowing down residential architecture firms near me on a search engine next time, it is very critical that you address all the essential factors before you arrive at a decision. At a top residential architecture firm like Madhat Architecture, you have an integrated team of architects, designers, and construction professionals who can work cohesively and create flawless homes and remodeled projects. 

As one of the top residential architecture firms across the island of Oahu we believe in pioneering new forms of space in which to live and so spend quality time in understanding your vision. Trust our experts to do this special project for you and give you the home of your dreams.


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